Work Stoppage Agreement Meaning

Shift work – work in two, three or four positions – is introduced when the duration of the production process exceeds the permitted duration of daily work, with a view to more efficient use, an increase in the volume of production and the services provided. The termination of an employment contract with a worker for reasons, referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, is permitted if it is not possible to transfer that employee to another activity with the consent of an employee. The calculation period includes the total duration of the work, the transportation of the employer`s office or the assembly centre to the place of work and return, as well as the rest time during this period. Workers who are trained in the organization may be excused, by mutual agreement with the employer, for the work entrusted to them by the employment contract or to do so part-time. Women`s work on work in relation to manual weight lifting exceeds the maximum permitted standards. If the ownership of an organization is changed, a new owner has the right to terminate an employment contract with the organization manager, his assistants and the senior accountant no later than three months from the date of acquisition of the property rights. The working time lasts no more than five hours on the days before the rest days for a six-day week. Overtime-related days off during the calculation period are paid at the usual wage rates, unless collective agreements or collective agreements provide for another procedure. In the interest of protecting labour rights, a worker may refuse to perform work not provided for by the collective agreement and refuse to perform the work, which poses an immediate danger to his life and health, except in cases provided for by federal law. During the period of refusal to perform this work, all the rights of a worker that are defined in this code, other laws and other legal acts are preserved.

If the remuneration (functions) is not met by the payment of the employer`s fault, the time actually done or the work done, but no less than the average wage of the worker, calculated for the same period or for the work done, is carried out. If the employment contract does not mention a concrete start to work, the worker begins work on the working day after the employment contract comes into force. The restrictions in this section do not apply to wage deductions for reform work, the imposition of care for minor children, compensation for damages caused by the employer to the worker`s health, compensation for the loss of the bread winner due to his death, and compensation for damages caused by a crime. In these cases, the deduction must not exceed 70%. In accordance with labour laws, labour and other interconnected relationships can be regulated by workers and employers who modify, modify, annex collective agreements, collective agreements and labour agreements. Laws and other legal laws impose other guarantees and payments of social security, pensions, civil construction, etc.

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