Vertaling Non-Disclosure Agreement In Nederlands

Further translations can be found in the English-Dutch dictionary. You cannot sign a confidentiality agreement as a company, but only as a person. Please note that the person signing has the right to do so. In any case, a confidentiality agreement determines what information is secret and what the receiving party can and cannot do with it. Translation takes longer than usual. Keep waiting or click here to open the translation in a new window. If you plan to create a confidentiality agreement (NDA) yourself, first read what are the most important points. And explore the questions in our do-it-yourself tool. A confidentiality agreement is often considered a confidentiality agreement; in Dutch, a confidentiality agreement, a confidentiality agreement or a confidentiality agreement. The description of the purpose is also important: for what purpose is the information provided? The parties will want to clarify the context of the conclusion of the confidentiality agreement so that the information cannot be used for any other purpose. Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, More translation of spoken text and longer pieces of text If the NDA is violated, you can seek redress.

However, since it is difficult to accurately determine the amount of damage caused, it is advisable to include a penalty clause. The advantage is that the fine is payable immediately in case of violation of the NDA. In addition, a fine has a deterrent effect. . For the provider of confidential information, it is important to use a broad definition. On the other hand, the party receiving the information benefits from the limitation of the definition. But the recipient will usually have to accept a broad explanation, as most models (and the model you`ll find here) expect it. Frequent situations where an NDA offers protection: the latter concept is a bit misleading, as it suggests bias. But although in many AIN there is only one party that provides confidential information, it is still a real agreement that two parties sign. Search results: 171.

Exactly: 171. Elapsed time: 59 ms. It is common to include in the NDA that it has a duration of several years, depending on the project, of course. If you provide information within this period, an obligation of confidentiality applies. Please note that this differs from the obligation to keep secret the information (provided during the term of the contract) after the termination of the contract. The period is agreed separately….

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