Service Agreement Hong Kong

We may refer to, or access, third-party services, products and promotions that use, integrate or provide ancillary services (“third-party services”). These third-party services are provided only at your convenience and do not represent our consent, approval or recommendation of such third-party services to you. You access a third-party service based on your own assessment and at your peril and use it. You understand that your use of a third-party service is not regulated by this agreement. If you choose to use a third-party service, you must verify, understand and accept the terms of use. We expressly disclaim any responsibility and responsibility for your use of third-party services. Please also keep in mind that if you use a third-party service, our privacy policy is no longer in effect. Your use of a third-party service, including those that have a link on our website, is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of that third-party service. Stripe Connect allows platforms to help you manage your Stripe account and provide additional services directly to your customers or customers. You can connect your Stripe account to platforms if you sign up for your Stripe account or via the dashboard. To be able to use Stripe Connect, you must also accept the agreement on Stripe`s connected accounts. When you connect your Stripe account to a platform, you allow Stripe to (i) access your Stripe account and all the data in Section D (as defined in Section D) contained in your Stripe account; (ii) help you establish and manage transactions with your customers; and (iii) deduct amounts (e.g.

B platform usage fees) of funds payable for platform-related transactions (“platform fees”). You must agree separately with the platform to pay a platform fee, and all platform fees will be added to the fee. Network rules state that you can only accept payment card payments for good faith legal business transactions between you and your customers for goods or services free of pledges, receivables and charges. You can only use payment network or service brands that comply with network rules, and network rules also limit your ability to differentiate by card type or charge a fee for payment card acceptance. Networks can change network rules at any time without notice, and Stripe reserves the right to change payment services at any time to comply with network rules. We may share with the networks (and the payment method of acquire) the information you provide us, which we use to identify the nature of your products or services, including the assignment of your business activities to a specific code of the payment network merchant category (MCC). If you accept payment card transactions, network rules expressly prohibit you from providing cash refunds for a credit card tax, unless required by law, (ii) to open a refund more than five calendar days after issuing a credit to your customer, (iii) from accepting cash or accepting other valuables for a refund , (iv) as a payment intermediary, intermediary or aggregator or other reversal of payment processing services on behalf of others, (v) the commission, whether they consider fraudulent or unauthorized by the cardholder, (vi) a tax if the transaction has not been concluded or if the goods or services have not been shipped or provided (unless the cardholder has paid a partial or full advance or consent Card was obtained for a recurring transaction); (vii) unless certain criteria are met or (viii) the use of payment processing services in a manner that constitutes an abuse of payment card networks or a violation of network rules.

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