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As a reminder, a division agreement is usually concluded by the Kreditor and contains the terms and conditions of sale of non-professional goods and/or services and falls below the offer threshold of 40,000 USD. Division agreements should never be used for the purchase of professional services requiring a personal service contract (PSC). For more information on activating your registration, creating a department or subscription, adding administrators and account owners, and other administrative tasks, visit the Azure EA website. Organizations that use business e-services have signed the terms of use: Portal and Business Gateway (COU). Promoters may also have signed the Network Access Agreement (NAA). These agreements define the obligations that organizations must meet. Business administrators can use the Azure Enterprise portal to transfer ownership of the account from a selected account or all subscriptions in one record. If you have more than one record, select one to activate it. By default, only active records are displayed. To view the record history, turn off the Active option at the top right of the Azure Enterprise portal. If your enterprise agreement does not have a support subscription and you add an existing account with a support subscription to the Azure Enterprise portal, your mosa subscription will not automatically be transferred. You must purchase a support subscription from Azure EA during the courtesy period until the end of the following month. An administrator can update an organization`s contact information, including address, email address, landline, mobile phone number and fax number.

For more information, please see the Business Account Update manual. If your business administrator can`t help you, create a support request for Azure Enterprise portals. Please provide the following information: This article explains the general tasks that the administrator performs on the Azure EA portal (ea.azure.com). The Azure EA portal is an online management portal that helps customers manage the costs of their Azure EA services. Introductory information can be found on the Azure EA portal in the First Step article with the Azure EA portal. For introductory information about the Azure EA portal, see Get started with the Azure EA portal article. Any organization that automatically uses our e-business services through the portal, our online channel for transactions or via Business Gateway via a case management system has at least one person responsible for understanding our security policies and ensuring that their organization complies with them. They are designated as responsible. An organization can also have as many deputy leaders as they need. This article helps direct and indirect Azure Enterprise Agreement (Azure EA) customers use the Azure Enterprise portal.

Get basic information on: If you have any questions regarding our communication and marketing, please email us at communications@planningportal.co.uk. Any violation of these Terms and Conditions allows PPQ to immediately terminate your use of the planning portal and/or the agreement reached with you. If you already have an existing Microsoft Azure account on the Azure portal, enter the school, work or microsoft associated account to assign it to your Enterprise Agreement listing. Notification contacts are displayed on the Azure EA portal in the Notification Contact section. By managing your notification contacts, you`ll make sure the right people in your organization get notifications from EA Azure.

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