Electronic Mortgage Loan Disclosure Agreement

By agreeing to the terms of this approval agreement, you agree that Symetra may rely on electronic signatures in our relationship with you, and you agree to waive any claim against Symetra, based on the assertion that the electronic receipt or execution of the communications described here is invalidable, unenforceable or insufficient. In addition, you require Symetra to be free of losses, claims, damages, subsidies, penalties or third-party violations, including reasonable legal fees resulting from: (i) a violation by you of a clause or condition of that approval agreement; or (ii) to use or abuse your (or any other person who accesses your computer or uses the account information or user information) systems and processes used in the context of receiving or executing electronically. Homebuyers must receive mortgage disclosure returns within three business days. Their consent to this Consent Agreement confirms that we will immerse ourselves in the world of electronic documents and electronic signatures and explain how they can lay the groundwork for addressing new regulatory challenges in a way that paper documents cannot do. The reform of TILA-RESPA has led the credit community to rethink its disclosure and closure processes established by a new lens. Given that lenders must now ensure that certain data is consistent between initial and financial statement returns and that they must adhere to stricter tariff tolerance rules for changes, lenders are developing process changes that allow them to maintain greater control over data and documents. Lenders, securities agents and housing agents are aware that closer ties will be needed between them. Wells Fargo acknowledged this in its quarterly letter to resolution officers in September 2014: “… We believe that we must continue to work closely with you to jointly determine the fees and other content required on the “Close Disclosure” form. How and when we work together to develop this content, we have a significant opportunity to improve our processes. The e-disclosure procedure meets all requirements of the E-Sign Act, including access, consent, receipt and acceptance of supporting documentation. Each event is recorded with a date and a time.

If you are applying for a mortgage, the lender or mortgage broker must provide you with several pieces of information, including a good faith estimate, a mortgage information statement and a consumer information brochure. The good faith estimate describes the estimated fees you must pay at the close. In the mortgage disclosure statement, the broker will tell you if your loan is being sold to another lender. The consumer information brochure contains information about different mortgage brokers. You should also provide a brief explanation of the information contained in the statements and the opportunity to ask questions. The eDisclosures maintains a much closer relationship with the borrower and the lender knows exactly when each event occurs. The eDisclosure package is generated by the LOS or the lender`s document provider and stored in a secure electronic dedication room. For information documents requiring the lender`s signature, the lender (LO) can click a button in the system to apply their electronic signatures before they are made available to the borrower.

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