Commercial Entity Agreement Paypal

This Commercial Entity Agreement (CEA) is made available PayPal users who are commercial enterprises (as defined by Visa and MasterCard) who are negotiators of PayPal and who use PayPal Payments Pvt. Ltd. (“4PL” or “PayPal”), a company in accordance with the Companies Act of 1956. (“PayPal”) Processing of card or PayPal-branded payment acceptance services by PayPal (the “PayPal Services”). Any entity or person that receives this CEA is referred to as “PayPal client”. In this CEA, “you” and/or “your” also refer to PayPal customers. This CEA presents your separate legally binding contract between (1) as a commercial enterprise and (2) IDFC Bank Limited and First Data India Private Limited (together “Member”). In this CEA, “we”, “us”, and “ours” also refer to the member. The endorsements only highlight many existing guidelines that an online seller must follow in order to obtain credit card payments from PayPal and PayPal banking partners. Some of these policies: The link is again 7th assignment/modification.

This CEA may not be assigned by the distributor without the prior written consent of the member and the subcontractor. The member may assign his rights under this CEA without the agreement of the merchant and subject to the rules of the association. The subcontractor may not assign, sublicense, sublicense, franchise or, in any way, to third parties the rights or obligations of the subcontractor defined by the CEA. This CEA may be modified by the Member in accordance with the AUP and may not be modified under any circumstances without the explicit written consent of the Member. I was told I could no longer take Mastercard because I did not accept the new agreement. I clicked on the link provided to accept the agreement and fell into a dead end. Can you help yourself? Note: This contract was previously called HSBC BANK COMMERCIAL ENTITY AGREEMENT FOR CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SERVICES For more information or to read the commercial agreements of entities, please register in your account PayPal: indemnification. You agree to exempt Wells Fargo from any loss, debt, damage and expense resulting from the following and/or any breach by you of any warranty, agreement or understanding or misrepresentation by you under this Agreement; (b) your or your personnel`s negligence or wilful misconduct in connection with PayPal card-financed transactions or other transactions resulting from the provision of goods and services to customers who pay for such goods or services through the PayPal Service; (c) that result from third-party offsets to which Wells Fargo is liable due to PayPal actions of the customer (including the exemption of a card-issuing association or bank). . . .

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