Co Broker Agreement Singapore

Any agreement on the co-brokerage conditions must be confirmed in writing between the real estate agent/seller and the real estate co-brokerage/seller prior to the trial and conclusion of a real estate transaction. CPD courses. You must negotiate with the agent to clarify that you do not want to use his services / pay him a commission so as not to have a disagreement. Is it necessary to have a lease stamped? Or is it a must to stamp all LDs regardless of rent? In the case of co-brokerage, agents charge the commission from their respective clients, as shown in the table below. This describes a situation in which two agents agree to make a deal together, one as the landlord`s agent and the other as the tenant`s agent. In any case, compare the commission fees and services offered by different real estate agents before deciding to appoint one or more. A selling agent may also request exclusive rights, a legal agreement to become your sole real estate agent when marketing and selling your property. For more information, check out our article when should you hire an exclusive real estate agent? Hello Jason, sorry for the late reply. Here is the answer to your question. The basic rule states that stamp duty must be paid by the buyer within 14 days of the date of the document (e.g.B rental agreement, if the document is signed in Singapore. If the document is signed abroad, it must be paid within 30 days of receipt in Singapore. You should be in contact first, then after and within 14 days, you should pay your stamp duty.

For more information about this, you can read our article on stamp duty: I hope this helps and feel free to contact us again if you need more information. A real estate agent or seller cannot ask for the client`s contact information from a co-broker or approach that client to speak or communicate on issues related to the potential real estate transaction unless the co-broker agrees….

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