Avod Agreement

The first application of the agreement with eStreamTV will focus on inserting advertisers into The Movie Studio`s OTT and App platforms as the “base” of the company`s video on demand (AVOD) advertiser component. After the completion of the application integration begins a first targeted marketing campaign via Instagram, Facebook and marketing for millennial demographics and other national audiences, with measurement analysis components and big data. The company has completed the production of a video clip as the first advertising publication after the completion and launch of the Movie Studio app and ott platform. Many customers ask us how to structure a waterproof agreement between them (OTT AVOD streaming platforms) and filmmakers/producers; Here are the six main structuring points that must be covered in such an agreement: the platform must ensure in the agreement and ensure that it has in place effective, rigorous and robust security systems and technologies to prevent theft, hacking, unauthorized exposure (including, but not limited to unauthorized exposure to non-clients and any exposure outside the agreed area), illegal copying or reproduction of video productions or digitized copies of film content, security systems, processes and technologies listed ott AVOD platform are no less rigorous or less robust than (a) those used by the platform with respect to content conceded by other independent film owners or film production companies. The platform shall not allow video reproduction or compressed digital copying of film content on the AVOD OTT platform for purposes other than those expressly authorized by the film owner pursuant to the agreement. An OTT AVOD streaming platform and a film/series content owner (producer or producer of films) enter into a service agreement for hosting, listing, broadcasting, promoting and streaming video content on the OTT AVOD platform. To be contractually authorized by the owner of such video content, the platform owner must grant the platform a limited exclusive license to host, list, broadcast, stream videos, sublicensing and promote video content on the AVOD (i) platform in all digital versions, languages and formats in all known or future media. (ii) in a specific area; (iii) for a fixed and temporary and renewable term; and (iv) to end-users (under free license) who have the right to use the AVOD OTT platform exclusively for private viewing of the film`s content. However, the platform should have the right to determine when, in what area, under what gender classification and at what resolution, all or all of the content of the film is displayed, broadcast or distributed on the AVOD OTT platform. However, if the owner of the film finds at his sole discretion that genetic classification (including, but not limited to the drama, comedy, horror, excitement and romance) that the platform creates with respect to one of its film content on the OTT AVOD platform, for which film owners create a good faith brand concern (including the risk of commercial damage), the platform and the film owner should cooperate in good faith. Therefore, the agreement should provide that the platform will endeavour, in good faith, to appropriately classify the content of the film into one or more of the available genres. The owner of the film has the right to (i) obtain approval of a classification of the content of the film which, by the sole and good faith of the film owner, is derogatory or inappropriate and (ii) to require the platform to immediately reclassify that content in the genres indicated by the film owner.

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