Author Agreement International Journal Of Cardiology

Notification of clinical trials Randomised controlled studies should be submitted in accordance with consort guidelines. When presenting the manuscript, authors should present the CONSORT checklist, along with a flowchart that illustrates the progress made by patients during the study, including recruitment, registration, randomization, withdrawal and conclusion, as well as a detailed description of the randomization procedure. The CONSORT checklist and model flowchart are available online. These examples are references to articles in scientific journals and their publication in your bibliography. The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging is the official journal of the North American Society of Cardiac Imaging (NASCI), as well as the European Society of Cardiac Radiology and the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imagination. When biological material is donated or data is generated as part of a research project, authors must ensure, as part of the consent procedure, that participants are informed of the type of (personal) data processed, their use and purpose. In the case of data collected through a biobank/biorepositorium, they may apply a broad consensus allowing researchers to accept a wide range of uses of their data and samples, which research ethics boards consider specific enough to be considered “informed”. However, authors should always check the specific biobank/biorepository guidelines or any other type of data provider guidelines (in the case of non-bio research) to ensure that this is the case. Before submitting research datasets as additional information, authors should read the journal`s Research Data Directive.

We recommend archiving research data in data repositories whenever possible. the footnotes of the text are numbered continuously; tables should be marked with lowercase letters (or asterisks for significance values and other statistical data). Footnotes to the title or authors of the article are not reference symbols. These instructions should be added in a separate section before the reference list. . . .

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