Atc Certified Agreement

34.03 Except in the event of an emergency, recall or mutual agreement, NAV CANADA must, as far as possible, notify at least twelve (12) hours in advance if overtime has been completed. The authorization of a telework contract is made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the work done by the worker. It is accepted that such an agreement may not be possible because of the nature of the workers who work in some of the workers covered by this agreement. An application for a telework agreement should not be rejected inappropriately. (ii) if it is likely to evict further leave under the agreement. 36.03 The working time of a part-time worker is agreed in advance between NAV CANADA and the worker. This agreement on working time must be made in writing and, where possible, reaches at least 28 days before the start. Part-time workers are informed no later than seven (7) days before changing the normal working time. If a worker receives less than seven (7) days in advance on a change in his normal schedule, he is paid for the first day of work that does not correspond to the initial schedule of the new schedule with a time and a number (1 1/2) that does not correspond to the initial schedule of the new calendar, the following days are payable in an even time. (i) “retroactive period” for the purposes of paragraphs (ii) to (iv) the period that occurs on the effective date of the retroactive upward revision of wage rates and which ends on the date of the signing of the collective agreement or, therefore, an arbitration award; 47.02 Unless expressly stated otherwise, the provisions of this agreement come into force at the time of ratification. Neither the employee concerned nor the union will file a complaint in relation to a negotiated or unscathed salary under section 18 of the collective agreement. 21.07 NAV Canada undertakes to make the NAV Canada Code of Conduct and any subsequent amendments available to all staff under this agreement.

Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the provisions of this article apply to any new permanent employment, vacancy or term of more than twelve (12) months under the bargaining unit covered by this agreement. 17.03 NAV CANADA undertakes to consult with the Institute at the appropriate level before making changes to working conditions that are not covered by this agreement and which affect the majority of bargaining unit employees. In the event of an emergency, during which changes must be made without consultation, NAV CANADA undertakes to inform the Institute in a timely manner.

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